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Rip 'N' Dip

Rip 'N' Dip with Pool

( 34' Long x 11' Wide x 18' High)

Rental Price: $250 plus tax

Our Rip 'N' Dip is a Tidal Wave of hills and thrills. Two humps built into each 24' sliding lane shoots you down the slide into the chills of the pool.

The dual lane sliding of the Rip 'N' Dip allows for racing side by side down the Rip 'N' Dip and into the pool of water. The Rip 'N' Dip is a perfect water slide for children up to age 10 years old.

The Rip 'N' Dip is the perfect water slide for backyard birthday parties, company picnics, church events, family reunions, or just a hot summer afternoon.

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